Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The 12th day at the school

Today the kids were irritated. As I walked into the school, we heard several bombs falling on Dahiye following IDF's promise of erasing 10 buildings for every rocket that falls on northern Israel. As soon as I entered, I found out what had happened to Z. (4 yrs.): she had spent the night crying and screaming until they realized this morning that she had broken her arm after jumping off a classroom chair.
The children were very nervous. They were convinced that there is a snake roaming around the school courtyard. Some of them saw it and others said they killed it. This afternoon, they weren’t concentrating on any game we tried to play. A. (11yrs.) told me that her grandfather's house in Tyre was hit yesterday: the roof fell on him and he was stuck under the rubble the entire night. His neighbors thought he was dead but he was rescued early morning and taken to hospital. He did survive but became paralyzed neck down. But Z.'s grandfather didn’t. He died last week under the rubbles of his house. But Z. tells the story like it was a big adventure, like he didn’t die, like she didn’t know what it meant.

Imm Haitham is waiting to renew her children's passports so they can all leave to West Africa to stay with relatives. With her husband being away, her brother-in-law thought he'd keep all important documents in his safe at home in Dahyie. A couple of days ago, her brother-in-law's apartment collapsed, the safe disappeared, and both families lost everything.

So by the time I left, Z., with her shaven hair and her broken arm was still jumping off the classroom chair and telling the story of her grandfather like it was a big adventure.


Blogger raj said...

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July 26, 2006 8:24 am  
Blogger raj said...

hugs to the children, to Z, to A, and to all the others. dont be afraid of snakes. they are scary but if you stand firm and keep your eyes on them, you can scare them away. be strong dear ones.

July 26, 2006 8:27 am  
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