Sunday, July 30, 2006

another mass grave in Tyre

The smallest of the 31 simple plywood coffins, center, containing one-day-old girl Sawsan Tajeldin, can be seen as a bulldozer pours soil to bury Lebanese victims in a mass grave at the southern port city of Tyre, Lebanon, Saturday. Tajeldin was killed along with her mother, name not available, when the car in which they were fleeing from the nearby village of Bazouriyeh was hit by an Israeli warplane missile strike.

Source: AP/Lefteris Pitarakis


Blogger Rasha said...

This is maybe the most poignant and heartbreaking picture I have ever seen.
This picture talks more than any political summit that has ever taken place over coffee in White Houses.

July 31, 2006 12:22 am  
Blogger Erez, Israel said...

It is so easy for you to show pictures of Lebanon and pity yourselves. You are, after all, completely helpless, right? You have no real country, no backbone, only lots of self-pity.
I cried too when I saw these pictures. But I know who is responsible. Hezbollah has been accumulating rockets and shooting sporadically for years at us until they decided to provoke us again once too many by killing and kidnapping soldiers.
No more.
It is time for your non-existent government to wake up and smell the kahwah. You have an army and a law. Use it to rid yourselves of the Hezbollah, leave peacefully, and I PROMISE we will never attack you again. We might even reach a peace treaty.
Our army cannot and need not differ between one Lebanese from another. For us, you are a single sovereign country and one nation. There are those among you, however, who praise themselves as the "party of god" and are willing to sacrifice your and your children's life for their true god - the sword. They don't care for Lebanon, just for destroying Israel. Since we will never let that happen, you have a problem. Deal with them first, then you will have peace.

July 31, 2006 8:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahaha... "I PROMISE"???? yeah we PROMISE too.... that you have a problem!! and that it is you who will never have peace.

July 31, 2006 8:46 am  
Blogger raj said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

July 31, 2006 8:56 am  
Blogger raj said...

Hey Eretz "Izrael" coward,
you are cheering the murder of hundreds of human beings and you have the guts to come here and spread your excrement? You are nothing more than another mindless Ziobot unleashed by the IDF to go around spreading filthy Zionist garbage. You dont understand, this evil massacre you are perpetrating is being watched in real time WORLDWIDE. Do you know what that means? Or dont you? You think anybody who has an ouce of grey matter in their heads believes your garbage? Why dont you try convincing us the earth is flat?

July 31, 2006 8:57 am  
Blogger raj said...

Notice suddenly these Ziobots have crowded into all the blogs? This is the cyber teams of the IDF, actually little keyboard bombardiers who think they are so tough. Read this piece and see how these Ziobots are being unleashed by the psychotic propaganda machinery of the IDF.,,174-2289232,00.html

The agenda is to crowd the blogs and engage in senseless interventions, usually to provoke and insult people. Several web forums are reporting a suddent spurt in these emptyheaded Ziobots, often very virulent, hateful psychos who sit at their keyboards all day delivering IDF Zioxcrement to justify the massacre of men, women and children.



The Times July 28, 2006

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers
From Yonit Farago in Jerusalem
WHILE Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet.

Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.

In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.

Jonny Cline, of the international student group, said that Jewish students and youth groups with their understanding of the web environment were ideally placed to present another side to the debate.

“We’re saying to these people that if Israel is being bashed, don’t ignore it, change it,” Mr Cline said. “A poll like CNN’s takes just a few seconds to vote in, but if thousands take part the outcome will be changed. What’s vital is that the international face of the conflict is balanced.”

Doron Barkat, 29, in Jerusalem, spends long nights trawling the web to try to swing the debate Israel’s way. “When I see internet polls for or against Israel I send out a mailing list to vote for Israel,” he said. “It can be that after 15 minutes there will be 400 votes for Israel.

“It’s very satisfying. There are also forums where Lebanese and Israelis talk.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry must avoid direct involvement with the campaign but is in contact with international Jewish and evangelical Christian groups, distributing internet information packs.

Amir Gissin, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s public relations director, said: “The internet’s become a leading tool for news, shaping the world view of millions. Our problem is the foreign media shows Lebanese suffering, but not Israeli. We’re bypassing that filter by distributing pictures showing how northern Israelis suffer from Katyusha rocket attacks.”

July 31, 2006 9:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to erez from isreal. i suggest that you leave your shelters (if you have the guts to do so )and start packing your bags to leave the land you have raped .and i PROMISE you that we wouldn't shell you while you are at it(after all that's your specialty killing people while they are unaware and defenceless then proclaiming that you thought hizbollah fighters were there ) well guess what?hizbollah has kicked your collective asses fair and square .feel free to send more of your best fighters and be prepared to meet them with their tails between their legs if not cadavers.

July 31, 2006 10:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems the ziobots ran away! like vampires, sunshine scares them.

August 01, 2006 11:02 pm  

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