Thursday, July 27, 2006

News Updates 27/07/06: Rome, Bint-Jbeil and Syria

The failure of the Rome conference was expected amidst the divisions in the international community regarding the necessity and possibility of a cease-fire. Acknowledging the impossibility to reach any tangible results, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended the US position by saying: “It doesn’t do anyone any good to raise false hopes about something that’s not going to happen. … The fields of the Middle East are littered with broken cease-fires".”
The Conference ended by calling for an urgent and sustainable ceasefire, albeit not an immediate one and without agreeing on the composition and mandate of the international military force.
This diplomatic dead-end came as the Israeli army faced its bloodiest day, with scepticism about the rationale of this military operation becoming increasingly vocal.
Syria emerged in the medias as the most likely winner of this diplomatic and military quagmire, with repeated calls to include it in the negotiations as “all the other choices facing the US and Israelis [are] even worse"


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