Sunday, July 30, 2006


The news from Qana had an unusual impact on the school. The routine went smoothly and people weren’t talking about the massacre but there was a sudden outburst of violence within families. With my arrival, Rayyan told me that Zainab's mother was hit by her husband's uncle in the absence of her husband and in front of her children. Zainab (4) and her brother Hussein (3) were doing well if a bit irritable. Their youngest 8 months old sister Mariam isn't doing very well not only because she has Measles but also because her parents still haven't registred her birth and she is deprived of an official identity.

There was also a little problem with Fatme who was caught begging for money in the school neighborhood and giving it to her mother. She was also accused of stealing some money from another school resident. The volunteers were so confused and didn't know how to deal with both stories. They tried to talk to Fatme's mom who apologized and cried and beat Fatme really hard. Fatme's father sleeps throughout the day in the school hallway.

But today I asked the children to draw their portraits. With her big eyes and golden locks, Zainab looks at me and says: "You know what? I think I've grown up since I came to this school".

"I think I've grown up since I came to this school"


Anonymous lana said...

i miss u..
this is good stuff.
zeinab could be maysa2ou's little girl ! (she looks like her!)

bboussik zanzou.
can't wait to have u back..
can't wait to be back too...
hopefully be able to enjoy our lands and seas together, soon..

July 31, 2006 3:18 pm  

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