Monday, August 14, 2006

going home

"Fouad and Miss Gyps"

The last shot was at 7:55 AM. The night before was intense with both parties wanting to say their last word and there was a full conversation falling on our heads. But this morning was different.

I went to the school and looked for Zainab but she and her family had left early this morning back to Tyre. They have lost their house in Maroun Ras but they're going farthest south they can drive and will wait for the Israelis to leave their town so they can go back and rebuild their home. Among all school residents, only Zainab's family lost their house in the South. All the others have places to go back to.

People were getting ready to leave. The mood was like the end of a summer camp, children and adults were exchanging phone numbers. But some of them don't have telephone lines so they were giving the number of their next door neighbor or the neighborhood's grocer. Some families were settling month-old feuds before they leave. Teenage boys and girls seemed a bit anxious as they may not have the same opportunity to spend time together under the same roof.

The other good news is that Miss Gyps' is now gypless. She had been taking a shower early this morning and suddenly the gyps slid from her arm as if the gyps wanted to leave her alone.

Fouad looked angelic today. He told me that he went back home to their house in the Suburbs and swiped the broken glass from his room. His parents thought they'd wait another night until the remains of the cluster bombs are removed from their neighborhood. He told me that five kids died this morning in the South after playing with remains of cluster bombs that looked like toys. Fouad was wearing new bright orange outfit and was very shy. He made the whole school look different.


Blogger joanna said...

I am happy and sad at the the same time, happy that these families are going back home, and sad that there wont be a journal for me to wait daily in order to listen to their stories and know their news. Dear zeina H, i want to thank you for giving me the chance to know about people i never thought i would know that closely, and love that much. They are the most wonderful children, and to be honest i had a totally different idea about them. But thanks to you i changed my perspective. You are a great author, a great observer that reflected the details, the feelings, and made me share this experience. I can't wait till i visit Lebanon, i would love to meet you and meet these children. I am not going to talk politics, unfortunately i dont believe in a victory to any parties, however i believe in an Israeli failure

August 15, 2006 2:59 pm  
Blogger raj said...

Dear Zeina,

your efforts to relate the experiences of the children has been truly commendable. i truly hope each and every one of these beautiful angels succeeds in retrieving the best possible childhoods they can as the recovery and rebuilding takes shape.

and i truly hope that the brave Lebanese people, who stood up to this horrendous aggression, and showed the world that there is hope even in the worst situation, will overcome their differences and rebuild your beautiful country.

and last but not the least, lest i forget to mention that one sublime lesson you all taught us living across the world, fearful of the worst of fascisms here and fascisms to come, that no matter what the odds, no matter how many times the lies and deceits rub salt on the wounds of humanity, resistance is and will always be fertile!!

for that sublime lesson, i salute each and every one of your team of bloggers, activists, hopers, dreamers, and friends. love to all the kids, wish them all well!

Shukran! Shukran! Shukran!


August 18, 2006 6:56 am  

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