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An Israeli attack on the city of Baalbak in north-eastern Lebanon in the early hours of Wednesday morning has left a number of civilians dead and a hospital destroyed. IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said 'the [IDF] commandos captured five Hezbollah militants and killed at least 10 others before completing the operation and safely returning to Israel'.

Picture of a 'Hezbollah militant' father holding his killed 'Hezbollah militant' child:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What i find horrifying in some pro-war statements, accounting for invasion and massacre as a logical result of other people's fear of being attacked in the future if they don't attack first (!), what i find horrifying beyond limits, i repeat, is the disregard for the holiness of human being lives in peoples who regard themselves as religious, on both sides. Or are most Israeli pro-war persons atheists? (With all my respect for atheists like Bertrand Russell, from an age where these values still mattered for human beings.)
This situation is more or less similar to justifying an invasion and bombing of the Basque Country, say, because part of its population supports HB, and ETA terrorists. So France, say, invades the Basque Country and bombs all Northern Spain as well, to punish and complete things, forcing 1,000,000 Spaniards and Southern French to be "displaced". This is a mockery of justice and democracy that Israeli pro-war persons do not grasp, it's beyond their knowledge if they live in a totalitarian state with military censorship imposed on them, night and day. Very sad.

August 02, 2006 4:44 pm  
Anonymous Raja said...

Zionists are fundamentally racist in their outlook. Here are two pieces that give us some insight into what lies in the heads and hearts of Zionist leaders.Blog facilitators may consider posting:

"But They're Not Human Beings, They are Not People, They are Arabs!"
Israel's Foes as Beasts and Insects
New Delhi

Israel's ambassador in New Delhi, David Danieli, sees Hezbollah as something akin to a scorpion (Times of India, 28 July). His is not much of a new invention. Other Israelis in responsible positions have made similar statements before. A few days earlier, Dan Gillerman, Israeli representative at UN, regretted Kofi Annan's failure to mention that the Hezbollah was a bunch of "ruthless, indiscriminate animals". During its First Lebanon War in 1982 Israel's chief of staff Rafael Eitan was gleeful that he had shoved the Palestinian " drugged cockroaches" into a bottle. To Menahem Begin, chief author of the Deir Yassin massacre, who went on to become Israel's prime minister and get a Nobel peace prize, the Palestinians were "two-legged beasts". Immediately after the 1967 war Robin Maxwell-Hyslop, a British Conservative, recounted in the House of Commons a conversation he had with David Hacohen, one-time Israeli ambassador to Burma. As related by Maxwell-Hyslop, Hacohen "spoke with great intemperance and at great length about the Arabs. When he drew breath I was constrained to say: "Dr Hacohen, I am profoundly shocked that you should speak of other human beings in terms similar to those in which Julius Streicher [notorious Nazi propagandist] spoke of the Jews. Have you learned nothing?" I shall remember his reply to my dying day. He smote the table with both hands and said: "But they are not human beings, they are not people, they are Arabs"." One of the many things Israeli spokesmen seem incapable of realizing is that abuse is no substitute for reason. Israel has amassed much military prowess but remains very poor in logic. [Read the rest of the piece at:]


Dershowitz and Grades of Human Beings
By Juan Cole
07/24/06 "Information Clearing House" -- --

Alan "Torture is OK" Dershowitz is annoyed that the Israelis have been accused of killing innocent civilians. He is now arguing that there are degrees of "civilianity." He wonders how many innocent civilians killed by Israel in Lebanon would still be innocent if we could make finer distinctions.

(He should read the Lebanese newspapers and he would get the answer. One third of those killed by the Israelis are children. I'd guess they are all civilian all the time. And then there are the families, like the Canadian women, children and men blown up at Aitaroun. I suppose they are really civilians. Etc. )

But I don't know why Dershowitz stops there. Let me reformulate his argument for him. Shouldn't we recognize degrees of humanness? After all, isn't that the real problem? That the enemy is considered a full human being in the law of war? That horrible Supreme Court judgment that Hamdan had to be given a trial of some sort was based on the misunderstanding that he is a human being.
[Read the rest of the article at:

August 02, 2006 6:03 pm  
Blogger sadadeda said...

Thanks Raja. Those web sites are great.

August 03, 2006 9:22 am  

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