Saturday, August 12, 2006


The news about a possible ceasefire on Monday gave some people perspective about the length of their stay at the school. The ceasefire came as good news to the volunteers who are worn out as well, especially the younger ones.

Today's national hero is Fouad (6). For the past month his routine can be summarized as the following: waking up at dawn, waking the entire school up, waiting at the entrance for the volunteers to come, jumping on them, and asking them to throw him in the air, running after the ladies, pulling them from their ponytails, falling on the ground, bleeding, not caring, and repeating until he falls asleep.

Today was the test though: there is a new family from South Lebanon who has rented a small apartment in the neighborhood, they came looking for some prescription medicine that is available in the school. But the new family's kids didn’t have toys and we ran out of all toys that were donated to the school. I went to Fouad and asked him slowly and calmy whether he can share some of his toys with the new kids. With the usual sparkle in his eyes, he runs off to his room and gets a whole bag of toys and gives it to the new kid.

I hold him and take him around the school telling everybody what a great deed he had done. Adults applaude him, volunteers kiss him. Not wanting to waste any bit of attention he's receiving, Fouad looks at me and says: "I have more where the toys came from".


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August 13, 2006 5:31 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Dove's Eye View recommended yr site & I'm so glad she did. You present a very human side of this conflict & it's so refreshingly diff. from the news reports with their body counts, pictures of devastated countryside. Not that this is not an important part of Lebanon's reality. But we must not forget the children & you remind us of them & their welfare.

Thanks for providing yr perspective on this sorry disaster of a war for both Lebanon and Israel.

For yr sake & all our sakes I hope that the ceasefire somehow holds though I'm doubtful it will. God help us if it doesn't.

I've taken the liberty of adding your feed to my peace blog aggregator, Israel Palestine Blogs, which features 35 Israeli, Palestinian, Lebanese & Arab & Jewish peace blogs dedicated to the conflict.

August 13, 2006 8:59 am  
Blogger Athina Vlachantoni said...

I have to agree with lazarus...

: )

August 13, 2006 11:58 am  

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