Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Photo-doctoring and Israeli Spinning

So, some fellow bloggers are quite active these days. While few discovered that one photo of smoke over South Beirut taken by Reuters Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj was doctored to show the smoke darker, others are running full stories of the conspiracy behind Qana massacre. In the ‘South Beirut Smoke Photo’ Reuters accepted the claims of manipulation and sacked the photographer. The photographer, however, argued in an interview with BBC that he was only clearing it from dust. As for the story of ‘Qana Massacre Conspiracy Theory’, most journalists rejected the claims that it was a staged incident and so did the Israeli Army when admitted hitting the shelter.

Anyway, does it make any difference if one photo was doctored?

It is merely a technicality that the Israeli spin-doctoring machine wanted to show as a breakthrough to overshadow the PR fiasco that the Israeli government and its army have been facing in the last 29 days of war on Lebanon. The realities are harsh and discovering a doctored photo will never undermine the destructive nature of this mad war on Lebanon and the suffering of its civilian population. For those sitting days and nights scrutinising photos, and fabricating conspiracy theories, check these 'fresh' photos taken after yesterday's attacks on South Beirut and towns in South Lebanon:





Anonymous Anonymous said...

By looking at your photos I do not understand how Lebanese can say that Hezbollah are the winner.
There is a big difference between Russia during the cold war and Hezbollah.
Russia cared about their population - and knew that if they started something the it would be a disaster for the population.
But Hezbollah do not care at all about the civilians at all.
Hezbollah and Iran and Syria knew that this was going to happen - when they provoked Israel.

August 08, 2006 3:52 pm  
Blogger Uncle Ho said...

Hey anonymous,
it seems in your demented view, Israel is like Florence Nightingale full of love and affection for the Lebanese people.
Contrary to your dementia-induced hallucinations, Hezbollah is winning because it is not losing - that is one of the first signposts of victory in a guerrilla war. Ho Chih Minh did not ask his fighters to stand in front of the advancing American elephant, but to melt into the forest, hills, the ground, the water, everywhere - surprise, speed, and stealth - these are the strengths of any truly efective resistance movement. And Hezbollah has confounded your Israeli elephant columns, who like the old Roman legions believe so deeply in their own superiority that they walked into quicksand. Now they blame their own inabilities on Hezbollah and lash out at every living Lebanese civilian. Shows how desperate and raging mad the Israeli elephant is getting! Rule two: when the resistance fighters irritate, provoke, and constantly harrass the elephant columns, the elephants go mad and beserk. And yes, no matter how many bombs they drop, Israel will never be able to vanquish the Lebanese national resistance.

So, the moral of the story dear chickenhearted Zionist is: buzz off and learn how to live like the rest of humanity, with some sense of shame for your disgusting actions.


August 08, 2006 6:58 pm  

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