Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Rmeitis, the American Technology, and the Israeli Pilot

Three generations of the Rmeiti family were wiped out in the late hours of Monday 7.8.06 when an Israeli airfighter bombed 2 residential buildings in what was supposed to be a relatively safe Chiyah neighbourhood in South Beirut. 56 were killed among them the Rmeitis:

Jamil Rmeiti (M), Sabah Rmeiti (F), Mariam Rmeiti (F), Malak Rmeiti (F), Maya Rmeiti (F: pregnant), Saadiya Rmeiti (F), Mohamad Rmeiti (M), Naim Rmeiti (M), Fatima Rmeiti (F), Ibtissam Rmeiti (F), Im Jamil Rmeiti (F), Mustafa Rmeiti (M), Naim Rmeiti (M), Sakna Rmeiti (F), Ali Rmeiti (M), Kawthar Rmeiti (F: 20 yrs), Riham Rmeiti (F), Mohamad Rmeiti (M)

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Blogger soraya said...

More on the Rmeiti story...
"What do you say to a man whose family is buried under the rubble?"

August 09, 2006 9:16 am  
Blogger dejan said...

Are THEY talking about holocaust?Does they think that what they survived let them doing what they do?It's easy to act like that when they have US to watch their back

August 09, 2006 9:33 pm  

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