Sunday, August 06, 2006

when in doubt...

When in doubt, lie.

Today I decided to adopt a new strategy and that is to lie to kids about the explosions they keep hearing. The previous strategy of explaining to them that the bombs are far away from their school and will never reach them failed miserably after Qana. What they learned from Qana was bombs can reach them and that they're not really safe. So the new strategy is to say that the explosions they hear are in fact fireworks that people fire in weddings. So every time we hear one, the kids begin crying until I remind them that this is a wedding so they all stop and say: "MABROUK!" ("Congratulations!").

Some volunteers from the neighboring schools staged a play. It was about small birds that are chased from their homes by other big and nasty birds. When all the small birds get together, they manage to chase the bad birds away. The kids enjoyed it a lot. They also learned new songs for children that we hadn’t sung since 1986.

J. was doing well today. She looked particularly pretty and very active. I didn’t know what to tell her so I didn’t say anything. I just took nice photos of her and showed them to her and then told her to help me out with the small kids. I think it gave her a nice sense of duty and confidence which made her smile.

But today there were five weddings.


Anonymous Diana said...

Dear zeina, i just wanna tell u that i wait every day to read your daily chapter of your journey with the kids..i just love it.
i work with kids too..i'm a volunteer in an NGO that is currently focusing on entertaining the displaced children through educational games..i invite you to visit our website: and to contact us..i would love to meet you and the kids you always talk about.

you have a great website..keep the excellent work.

August 07, 2006 6:48 pm  
Blogger zeina h. said...

Hi Diana, so nice to know that you're also active with kids. Let's meet up soon. I work in a school in Ashrafieh and would love to exchange some ideas with you. You can write to me on

August 08, 2006 9:49 am  

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