Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hassan Nasrallah Superstar

The battle to win sore hearts and minds has gone beyond conventional and confrontational bashing. The latest PR trend tends to sex-up profiles in a Superstar - Groupie type of relationship. Some while ago, the Young Nasrallah photo has been widely circulated echoing a not so subtle 'Che'-ian revolutionary glamour pose. Arab newspapers boasted the politicisation of the 'brands labelling' in the Cairo dates market wich is the equivalent of an Arab 'Top Ten Popularity Charts'. Nasrallah has surely been pleased to know that his name has been given to this year's top date brand, making him the second Lebanese title holder after pop singer Nancy Ajram few years ago.

The 'Abaya appeal' surely contributed in nationalistic fantasies. A widely circulated video clip featured a funky young lebanese woman wishing that she would get hold of Nasrallah's abaya and rub herself with its sweat, and then distribute its pieces to people for some dignity. A serious newspaper article later confirmed that Nasrallah's abaya has been effectively sent this woman. She decided to keep it to herself though but welcomed any viewings by the public.

An improvised attempt to get into the PR race has quickly set in the other camp. An abaya counter-attack was launched by Saad hariri's sympathisers, as they ceremoniously wrapped him in one after his speech. One wonders if he received any fantasizing requests yet. but not to worry, newspapers will surely have updates on similarly vital news!


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