Friday, December 01, 2006

Reflections on Today's Demonstration

AP -BEIRUT: Thousands of protesters from Hezbollah and its pro-Syrian opposition allies descended on downtown Beirut Friday to force the resignation of Lebanon's Western-backed prime minister, who was holed up in his office ringed by hundreds of police and combat troops.


Our blog reflects:

- This is indeed a massive demonstration but mobilising the crowds is double-edged. The more one group mobilises its crowd, the success of the other group in mobilising theirs is higher.

- Taking the streets - if it does not reach the tipping point of toppling the ruling government which might lead to uncontrolled instability- won't add much in the negotiation cards.

- Hezbollah showed formidable acts of resistance and militancy against Israel but the internal complex politics of Lebanon and its power-sharing mechanism needs a complete change in their modus oparandi.

- Whatever the speeches of the leaders Hezbollah and its allies say about their objectives of this demonstration, (and to use statistics language) there is high correlation between their acts and demonstrations, and ratifying the Hariri International Tribunal.

- No one of the various quarrelling political groups has ever thought of the extra millions of dollars being spent on policing and securing the streets of Beirut at these times of high tension. No one has ever took any consideration of Lebanon's average men and women who as taxpayers see their money (millions of it) being inadequately spent.

Ends (for now).